Hit or Miss: Oscars 2020

And just like that – the Oscars have already come and gone. We are now left only to remorse and revolt over the intricate pieces shown. Which outfits will incite remorse or revolt? Let’s find out.

The Misses:

Sigourney Weaver

I feel like the rope belt accessory drowns this piece in an agricultural aura.
Billie Eilish

As hard as it may be to critique such a wonderful artist, I just wasn’t impressed with this look. I don’t necessarily consider covering yourself in a brand name “fashion.”
Idina Menzel

This dress was as dismal and droopy as the bow tied on front. It portrays a limp, lifeless magenta figure.
Salma Hayek

This outfit was simplistic in all of the wrong ways. A subtle look is enjoyable when styled right, but Salma’s hairstyle robbed this fit from its full potential.
Kristen Wiig

I truly don’t have many words for this dress. It reminds me of arteries, muscle fibers, and other gruesome images.
Olivia Colman on the red carpet
Olivia Colman

I think that this material and color combination is superb, but the way the sleeves fold by the tip of her shoulders destroys it.
Margot Robbie

This outfit could have nailed it, but the provided tassel embellishment was a tacky eyesore.

The Hits:

Billy Porter on the red carpet wearing a dress
Billy Porter

Once again, he has stolen the spotlight with his signature innovative dress handicraft, such as last year’s infamous tuxedo dress.
Florence Pugh

Talk. About. Texture. The ruffled details on this dress are quite literally perfection.
Janelle Monae

Aside from the irresistible shimmery pattern, the hooded feature is hands down the highlight of this look.
Saoirse Ronan on the red carpet
Saoirse Ronan

The perfect clash of texture and design. Between the dramatic frill and watercolor pattern, this dress is a true masterpiece.
Spike Lee

A solemnly stylish tribute to a recent loss of the Lakers legend Kobe Bryant.
Julia Butters

This look is truly the epitome of pretty in pink. The tulle sleeve flounces, the variance in tones, and the crisp collar pull this piece together.
Cynthia Erivo

The winding design of this dress is so captivating. A mixed composition of elegance and enticement.
Molly Sims

Last, but certainly not least is my all time favorite dress. This fit displays the perfect snippet of cleavage along with a creative collaboration of fabrics.

10 Skin Essentials for Spring

We have finally shifted into springtime, one of the most engendering moments of fashion. Blissful skies lure polychromatic pieces. Summer is on the brink and flowers are starting to bloom. Check out some of these beauty accessories to celebrate springtime.

#1 Blush Crush Pressed Powder Palette

This palette from Colourpop has rosie, pigmented tones perfect for crafting a subtle or glam look. Shop this look here: http://bit.ly/37sJksr

#2 Amrezy Eyeshadow & Pressed Pigment Palette

This dreamy color collection by Anastasia Beverly Hills has dramatic hues ideal for any look. Shop this look here: http://bit.ly/2TVTyhd

#3 Air Heart Lightweight Natural Finish Lipstick

Talk about branding… I want one in every shade! A spunky design for a spunky wearer. Shop this look here: https://seph.me/37BOiTS

#4 Full Frontal Volume, Lift & Curl Mascara

Bat away all of your problems with this mascara by Fenty Beauty. Seriously, that wand is like a spirit stick. Shop this look here: https://seph.me/2t1EYJS

#5 Vegan Milk Moisturizer

For intense hydration and smoother looking skin you’ll want to call upon this moisturizer. And a bonus – it’s vegan! Shop this look here: https://seph.me/38NHJho

#6 Lip Injection Extreme Lip Plumper

Nothing screams sun rays and beach days like plump glossy lips. Achieve luscious lips with Too Faced’s Lip Plumper. Shop this look here: https://seph.me/2O4fB1r

#7 Afterglow Eyeshadow Palette

Achieve the ultimate sun-kissed look with this palette from Nars. Shop this look here: https://seph.me/2O2r01y

#8 Rouge Volupte Rock’N Shine Lipstick

Feel and look like a rock star with Yves Saint Laurent’s rock’n shine lipstick. Shop this look here: https://seph.me/2t2vYnQ

#9 Nude Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette

Huda Beauty’s nude palette comes in three different nude shades. Pictured is “nude light,” but there is also “nude medium” and “nude rich.” Shop this look here: https://seph.me/2RSgTOd

#10 Supernova Crushed Diamond Highlighter

Aether Beauty’s newest highlighter gives a soft, ethereal glow. Another bonus – it’s vegan! Shop this look here: https://seph.me/2vknMjx

Snap, Sparkle & Pop

The holidays really snuck up on me this year. During this hectic season, it is easy to become distracted when there is a party every weekend, whether it is hosted by your work or family. Use this affordable style guide I have created to help craft your perfect outfit for ringing in the New Year.


Metallic Halter Maxi Cutout Dress 5

Metallic Glitter

The featured metallic sparkle adds an elegant touch to this piece. Between the mock neckline and bare midsection, this dress is sure to turn heads.

Featured at Forever21.

Velvet Sequin Cami Dress 4

Multi-Colored Mini

Just when you thought this dress was the cutest, it only gets better. Aside from a fun glittered print, it is made from a velvet material.

Featured at Forever21.

Slide View: 1: UO Savona Cowl-Back Long Sleeve Dress

Holiday Floral

Take a break from the conventional glitter and pick up a floral print like this one. This dress features a mock neckline and ruffled open back.

Featured at Urban Outfitters.

Puff-sleeved Dress - Black - Ladies | H&M US 2

Ruffled & Puffed

This dress offers unique dimension and texture. Toss your usual little black dress aside for this fun twist on a classic.

Featured at H&M.

Organza Ruffled Tube Dress 4

‘Tude & Tule

This piece is dressed up with an organza ruffled trim. This tube dress takes on a bodycon fit. If you are looking for something just beyond simple, this is the perfect dress for you.

Featured at Forever21.

Metallic Mini Dress 1

Trophy Wife

This dress is sure to be a holiday hit. It is impossible not to strut around in this glamorous piece feeling like an actual trophy.

Featured at Forever21.

Jumpers & Bottoms

Slide View: 1: UO Emma Sequin Flare Pant

Glam Bam

Showing up in these sparkly bad boys will undoubtedly guarantee your title as life of the party. They are the perfect combination of swanky and suave.

Featured at Urban Outfitters.

Ruched Velvet Rhinestone Skirt 1

Glitzy Gatsby

Dress up a simplistic look with this detailed piece. This skirt perfectly executes a sassy and classy look.

Featured at Forever21.

Jaunty Jumper

This glittery apparel is a fabulous clash between dressy and sexy. The plunging V-neckline, in conjunction to the wrapped belt, tie this piece together.

Featured at Forever21.

Tiered Tutu

This ruffled skirt is a terrific addition to any lackluster outfit. It obtains the right amount of dimension to complement any accompanying blouse.

Featured at H&M.

Ankle-length Pants with Belt - Dark gray - Ladies | H&M US

Pleather Pants

First of all, who doesn’t love a good pleather piece? I am a major advocate for faux furs and leathers (#endspeciesism!), hence why I find these pants absolutely adorable.

Featured at H&M.

Sequin Surplice Romper 1

Racy Romper

This sequined outfit is the perfect go-to when you are unsure what to wear. The variance of colors provides an array of pairing options. Now you’ll have more time to get ready because you won’t have to worry about what handbag matches.

Featured at Forever21.


4-pack Hair Clips - Gold-colored - Ladies | H&M US

This 4-pack of hair clips is not only an ideal, but practical purchase. The neutral tones allows for multiple uses, even after the holidays.

Featured at H&M.

Claire Rhinestone Handbag

This petite handbag is an excellent go-to for the indecisive fashionista. It is the perfect size for any occasion, allowing enough room for your favorite lip gloss, phone, roll-on perfume, and gum.

Featured at Urban Outfitters.

Short Rhinestone Necklace

This lavish choker is guaranteed to spruce-up any garb you put together. This piece will have you feeling like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Featured at H&M.

Chevron Shadow-Striped Tights

These leggings are a fabulous accent piece to any outfit, keeping you toasty and trendy all season long.

Featured at Forever21.

Faux Pearl Headband

This highlighted accessory backs the latest wintery, headband trend. A truly delicate staple to any outfit.

Featured at Forever21.

As one of the most remarkable nights of the year, filled with shimmering lights and champagne fizz, the fit you arrive in is expected to duplicate the ambiance. I hope you found this style guide as inspiration for planning your perfect New Year’s Eve outfit. Thank you for the read, and cheers for now!


In honor of the recent Post Malone x Crocs launch last Tuesday I put together a timeline of Crocs and Post Malone’s latest projects. Only selling for $59.99 each, this collab is affordable just as much as it is in style. Pairing the iconic rapper with the outlandish shoe company makes sense, and the customer response has proved this.

  1. The Dimitri

These rubber clogs launched in November 2018, marking Post Malone and Crocs’ first collaboration together. They were such an instant hit, legends like Madonna, were left plotting in the comment section how to get their hands on a pair. They were sold out in hours and came in three colors: black, white, and yellow. They are covered in a devilish caricature and offer additional customized Jibbitz™️ to accessorize.

2. The Barbed Wire

The second launch occurred in December 2018, and much like the first pair, sold out almost instantaneously. They are coated in a bright yellow, following the theme of Post Malone’s album “Beerbongs and Bentleys.” These too came with personalized Posty Jibbitz ™️ featuring a saw blade, snake, skull, and more.

3. The Aussie Exclusive

In May of this year, Post Malone expressed that he would be partaking in yet another collaboration with Crocs. However, this pair, unlike the past three, was sold online and exclusively in Australia. The printed design showcases arboraceous illustrations, in reference to Australia’s eclectic atmosphere. Unsurprisingly enough, these too sold out rapidly due to their limited quantity.

4. The Duet Max

And finally, their latest launch- the Duet Max. The color scheme of this pair very much coincides with Post Malone’s newest album, “Hollywood’s Bleeding.” This pair of clogs replicates a combat style including a threaded bottom and durable velcro strap. The style achieved drastically contrasts with Crocs’ accustomed softer and rounded design. For not being a huge fan of Crocs, this is for sure a pair I would consider copping.

#zerotohero #postmalone #fashion #postyco #crocs #shoes #albumoftheyear

Hi there…

After adding it to my New Year’s Resolution List- twice, I finally decided to follow through with starting my blog. Much of what was prohibiting me from beginning this process was choosing what content to focus on. Then it hit me. This blog doesn’t need a specific order, or set of rules to follow, when I choose to upload content. Enlightened by my newfound freedom, I finally picked up my laptop and just went for it. So here we are. This is my blog. I will start off by introducing my blog through answering a few generic questions:

Who am I?

  • My name is AnneMarie and I am a Florida girl.
  • I have an orange cat named Stevie.
  • I became a vegan in September 2017.
  • My favorite thing to do is meet my friends at Starbucks during happy hour.

Why do this?

  • Because I love writing, duh.
  • I think my ideas are worth sharing.
  • I want to implement blog posting into a routined lifestyle.
  • I want to establish a platform that will assist in my professional success.

What is your blog’s mission statement?

I have yet to brand a specific blog manifesto- so for right now let’s keep it simple. For now, I am going to stick with my favorite quote from the legend herself, Kate Spade.

“Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends.”

Kate Spade

By now you are probably guessing this will be a fashion blog because of my quick mentioning of Mrs. Spade. Well, you are correct. I have finally sought an outlet for my creativity, outside of journaling, and concluded that starting this blog will help me express myself.

What type of fashion-related content should one expect?

  • Style inspo collages #ootd
  • Analyzing modern trends
  • Buzzing news in fashion
  • Current events

I am stoked to begin this passion project. I would like to finally thank you all for venturing alongside me on this journey. I am always open to feedback, comments, and collaborations. I hope you find my feed enjoyable and entertaining- if you don’t, send suggestions my way! xoxo AM

#zerotohero #fashion #fashionblog