Hit or Miss: Oscars 2020

And just like that – the Oscars have already come and gone. We are now left only to remorse and revolt over the intricate pieces shown. Which outfits will incite remorse or revolt? Let’s find out.

The Misses:

Sigourney Weaver

I feel like the rope belt accessory drowns this piece in an agricultural aura.
Billie Eilish

As hard as it may be to critique such a wonderful artist, I just wasn’t impressed with this look. I don’t necessarily consider covering yourself in a brand name “fashion.”
Idina Menzel

This dress was as dismal and droopy as the bow tied on front. It portrays a limp, lifeless magenta figure.
Salma Hayek

This outfit was simplistic in all of the wrong ways. A subtle look is enjoyable when styled right, but Salma’s hairstyle robbed this fit from its full potential.
Kristen Wiig

I truly don’t have many words for this dress. It reminds me of arteries, muscle fibers, and other gruesome images.
Olivia Colman on the red carpet
Olivia Colman

I think that this material and color combination is superb, but the way the sleeves fold by the tip of her shoulders destroys it.
Margot Robbie

This outfit could have nailed it, but the provided tassel embellishment was a tacky eyesore.

The Hits:

Billy Porter on the red carpet wearing a dress
Billy Porter

Once again, he has stolen the spotlight with his signature innovative dress handicraft, such as last year’s infamous tuxedo dress.
Florence Pugh

Talk. About. Texture. The ruffled details on this dress are quite literally perfection.
Janelle Monae

Aside from the irresistible shimmery pattern, the hooded feature is hands down the highlight of this look.
Saoirse Ronan on the red carpet
Saoirse Ronan

The perfect clash of texture and design. Between the dramatic frill and watercolor pattern, this dress is a true masterpiece.
Spike Lee

A solemnly stylish tribute to a recent loss of the Lakers legend Kobe Bryant.
Julia Butters

This look is truly the epitome of pretty in pink. The tulle sleeve flounces, the variance in tones, and the crisp collar pull this piece together.
Cynthia Erivo

The winding design of this dress is so captivating. A mixed composition of elegance and enticement.
Molly Sims

Last, but certainly not least is my all time favorite dress. This fit displays the perfect snippet of cleavage along with a creative collaboration of fabrics.